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Welcome into our
Wedding Albums Collection 2019/20

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Our Wedding Albums

are individually hand made in Italy, they are printed on Fine Art Paper and bound in a prestigious leather. Each album comes with a leather box and finished with custom-made monogramming with your names. We spent over a year scouting Italy in order to find what we consider to be the world's most extraordinary leather and artisan company to work with.

Our Wedding Albums are fairly delicate, and may smudge if it comes in contact with dirty surfaces.

We recommend using a product suitable for leather to remove any stains on the surface of the album. Leather is sensitive to liquids, so avoid water stains and chemicals in cleaners.

We are so proud of the 2020 Wedding Albums Collection and can't wait for you to experience them yourself.


The photographs are our INDELIBLE Memories, that is why these must be printed and be made tangible!”

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